San Diego Nurses Modeling Uniforms

San Diego Nurses Modeling Uniforms

At the House of Hospitality (nurse quarters) at Casa del Rey Moro Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego, California, members of the US Navy Nurse Corps have added “grays” to their “blues” and “whites”. The new gray uniform is worn here by Lt. (jg) Julia Anna Muraresku (center), of Philadelphia. Ens. Kathleen Litty (left), of Brainard, Nebraska, wears the blue uniform and the nurse in the white is Ens. Leona McKibbin, of Hayes Center, Nebraska. Photo taken circa 1944.

Image from the LCDR Julia Anna Muraresku (Bricker) Collection, USN Nurse Corps (1941-46).

Photo size: 1506 × 1874
Photo source: U.S. Navy
Usage: Public Domain

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