Army Nurses of 32nd General Hospital Unit in Indiana

Army Nurses of 32nd General Hospital Unit in Indiana

The 37 nurses of the 32nd General Hospital unit, known as “Indiana’s Own” since World War I. This photograph was taken shortly before the group left to train at Fletcher General Hospital in Cambridge, Ohio to complete their training before departing for overseas duty.

Pictured (left to right): front row (seated) – Lieutenant Lois Beck (from Lebanon, IN), Lt. Celia Burkhart (Indianapolis, IN), Lt. Helen Hoover (Princeton, IN), Lt. Blanch Caskey (Princton, IN), Lt. Dorothy Smith (Valparaiso, IN), Lt. Edith Roth (Spencer, IN), Lt. Dorothea Hays (Wilkinson, IN), and Lt. Mary Pogue (Indianapolis, IN); second row (kneeling) – Lt. Annabelle Vargyas (South Bend, IN), Lt. Freda Stewart (Anderson, IN), Lt. Mary Mathis (Nashville, IN), Lt. Florence Vote (Boonesville, IN), Lt. Glenn Wildman (Oaktown, IN), Lt. Mary Culbertson (Bloomington, IN), Lt. Wander Plunkett (Rose Center, MI), Lt. Margaret Allen (Osgood, IN), Lt. Vivian Sauvey (Marblehead, OH), Lt. Martha Shufflebarger (Elnora, IN), and Lt. Frances Busse (Indianapolis, IN); third row (standing) – Lt. Angela Brinker (Richmond, IN), Lt. Ann Kilfoil (Vincennes, IN), Lt. Juanita Quinn (Indianapolis, IN), Lt. Crystal Halstead (Modoc, IN), Lt. Marie Kaufmann (Ste. Mary, IL), Lt. Helene McCann (Defiance, OH), Lt. Helen Wentland (Robertsville, OH), Lt. Janet Wilson (Dayton, OH), Captain Beatrice J. Quin (chief nurse at Post Hospital, Camp Atterbury), “Jock” (a Collie dog), Lt. Helena Sutton (Lancaster, KY), Lt. Mary Murray (Indianapolis, IN), Lt. Kathleen Johns (Akron, IN), Lt. Mary Stuart (Logansport, IN), Lt. Georgia Ward (Delaware, Ohio) Lt. Lenor Mays (New Castle, IN), Lt. Frances Brown (Indianapolis, IN), Lt. Elizabeth Seery (Indianapolis, IN), and Lt. Ann Bauman (Indianapolis, IN).

Photo size: 1628 × 1266
Photo source: Indiana State Library
Usage: Public Domain

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