A Pictorial Tribute to Those Who Served

WAF Ferry Pilots Florene Watson and Barbara London

"Women of World War II" is the most extensive collection of photos featuring women who served in the military and its auxiliary branches during WWII that you will find anywhere! All of the branches of the military are represented here, including the Navy WAVES, the Army WACs and WASPs, Army nurses, the Coast Guard SPARS, and the Marine Corps Womens Reserve. You'll see photos of Navy WAVES repairing airplanes while their male counterparts are overseas, as well as learn all about the Army WASP pilots and the Women Marines who served during WWII. And, of course, all of the WWII recruiting posters are here, featuring the women of all the different branches as well.

Two WAVES look out through the armored rear door of a twin gun mount on the USS Missouri

Each section contains a series of thumbnail images, which you can click on to view the full-size image. The images are all in JPEG format, and can easily be saved to your hard drive and used with most image-editing software, or you can simply enjoy the images as they're presented here. Each photo contains a caption below the thumbnail image, so you'll learn quite a bit about the lives and duties of these early military women as you navigate through the collection.

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