Women of World War II Videos

“WASPS”: Women Airforce Service Pilots 1943

“Women Air Service Pilots (WASPs) train in Link trainers, attend classes, drill, fly, receive wings from Jacqueline Cochran, and report to the Air Transport Command.” Also known as Women Air Service Pilots or Women Army Service Pilots. From Army-Navy Screen Magazine #16.

“Lady Marines” 1944

Documentary on women in the Marine Corps Women Reserves. They replaced the departing men as postal workers, typists, switchboard operators, and other civil service positions.

WAVES: Women in the Navy World War II Newsreel

This WWII newsreel showcases the Navy’s WAVES celebrating their 2nd birthday. In Iowa, WAVES help out with labor shortages on nearby farms, and at Hunter College in New York they participate in a formal review in front of Mayor La Guardia.

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