Women of World War II Videos

Women Fill Men’s Factory Jobs During World War II

More than 310,000 women worked in the U.S. aircraft industry in 1943, representing 65 percent of the industry’s total workforce (compared to just 1 percent in the pre-war years). The munitions industry also heavily recruited women workers, as represented by the U.S. government’s “Rosie the Riveter” propaganda campaign. This short film highlights the efforts of these pioneers.

WAVES: Women in the Navy World War II Newsreel

This WWII newsreel showcases the Navy’s WAVES celebrating their 2nd birthday. In Iowa, WAVES help out with labor shortages on nearby farms, and at Hunter College in New York they participate in a formal review in front of Mayor La Guardia.

Black Women Serve as Nurses in World War II

Short film detailing the experiences of African-American women serving in the Army and Navy Nurse Corps during World War II, focusing on a contingent of black nurses sent overseas to care for black casualties.

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