Women of World War II Videos

News reels, documentaries, and recruiting films offer a close-up look into the daily lives of the women who served their country during World War II. These short videos take us back in time to a turning point for women in the U.S., when finally their contributions outside the home were not only welcome but sought after.

WWII Homefront “Women Of Steel” 1943

All over America women are fighting for Victory in the heavy war industries. Industries where women have never before worked — this is the inspiring story of how they have gone into the steel plants.

WAAC Recruiting Film “We’re In The Army Now” 1943

This classic WWII recruiting film follows WAACs as they take the oath of office, get shots, receive uniforms, learn to salute, eat in a mess hall, arrive at their new quarters, march in a parade, and more.

The Army Nurse (1945)

This short details the importance of U.S. Army Nurses and all of the hard work and compassion that they provide on a daily basis. The film also shows the many different conditions they have to deal with in and out of work during wartime.

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