World War II Publications

The publications below include recruiting brochures, informational pamphlets, and history-filled booklets, and most are illustrated throughout with photos and drawings. Presented in PDF format for easy viewing and downloading.

  • WAAC Recruitment Brochure

    This 10-page recruiting brochure for the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC), published in 1942, covers a variety of information about the WAAC program, including physical requirements, officer selection criteria, pay scales, benefits, and other miscellaneous information.

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  • So Who Are The WASP Anyway?

    So Who Are The WASP Anyway?

    This 4-page article about the WASP of World War II was written by Sarah Byrn Rickman, author of four books about the WASP. She tells the story of how the WASP came to be, and the article is illustrated with photos from Texas Women’s University.

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  • G.I. Jane Writes Home From Overseas

    G.I. Jane Writes Home From Overseas

    This 20-page WAC recruitment brochure, published in 1944, features cartoon-style drawings alongside first-person stories and observations from a fictional WAC serving in overseas locations including Australia, India, France, England, North Africa, Italy, and more.

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  • The Army Nurse

    This 47-page booklet published in 1944 covers the history of nursing in the army from the Civil War through World War II. Heavily illustrated throughout with photos.

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