Share the Deeds of Victory WAVES Recruiting Poster

Share the Deeds of Victory WAVES Recruiting Poster

WWII WAVES Recruiting Poster: “Share the Deeds of Victory – Join the WAVES”, featuring a WAVES control tower operator at work. This 1943 poster from John Falter measured 40″H X 28″W.

About this poster:

This woman is a control tower operator. Operators received their special training at Naval Air Station, Atlanta, Georgia. The preferred candidate for this job was twenty to thirty years old, had 20/20 vision, normal visual, auditory, and speaking capabilities, short reaction times and the ability to perform in stressful situations. She also scored well in mathematics and had good teaching skills.  In 1942, the Bureau of Aeronautics restricted operator positions to WAVES after recognizing that women performed as well or better than males. Such integration of women into Navy aviation was largely made possible by Lt. Joy Bright Hancock, who worked tirelessly as the WAVES representative in the Bureau of Aeronautics.

Photo size: 903 × 1280
Photo source: Naval History and Heritage Command
Usage: Public Domain

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