Enlist in the WAVES Recruiting Poster

Enlist in the WAVES Recruiting Poster

This Parachute Rigger recruiting poster was designed by John Falter in 1944, and measured 28″ x 40″. Falter had enlisted in the Navy in 1943, and during his time in the service designed over 300 recruiting posters.

After boot camp, formally known as Indoctrination, WAVES who would become parachute riggers attended Parachute School at Naval Air Station Lakehurst, New Jersey. Parachute riggers packed, inspected and repaired parachutes. WAVES also manufactured other objects associated with flight, such as tarpaulins, airplane wheel covers and flags. The Navy required male parachute riggers to test parachutes they packed by skydiving with them, but did not initially allow women to do the same. Kathleen Robertson, however, influenced Navy policy after she successfully and happily skydived. Thereafter, a WAVES parachute rigger could skydive but was not required to do so.

Photo size: 823 × 1280
Photo source: Naval History and Heritage Command
Usage: Public Domain

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