WAVES Recruits at Hospital Training School

WAVES Recruits at Hospital Training School

WAVES recruits in the training school at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, enjoy a joke with one of the hospital’s Pharmacist’s Mates, Patrick La Rosa, engaged in one of the frequent, if not favorite, Navy pastimes of “swabbing the deck”. From left to right are WAVES Jean Rindall, Naomi Edwards, Charlotte Kofoid, Nancy Crane, Carol Peterson, Geneva Dudley, and Jean Aldo. The WAVES are wearing Pharmacist’s Mate striker badges on their sleeves, and the poster on the wall admonishes “Don’t ever call it a boat! Unless you can hoist it aboard a ship”. 18 July 1945.

Photo size: 3000 × 2435
Photo source: Naval History and Heritage Command
Usage: Public Domain

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