WAVES Board Transport Plane Headed For Kansas

WAVES Board Transport Plane Headed For Kansas

WAVES board a Douglas R4D-6 transport plane while en route to Naval Air Station, Olathe, Kansas. The enlisted WAVES, most of them strikers for the rate of Specialist (Transport Airman), are accompanied by their instructor, Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Helen J. Merrill. Those present are (from left to right): LtJG Merrill, Seaman 2nd Class Helen Ranlett, Seaman 2nd Class Gloria Marx, Seaman 2nd Class Margaret Chapman, Yeoman 2nd Class Carolyn Fish, Seaman 2nd Class Gale Collier, Seaman 2nd Class Marilyn Wheeler and Yeoman 2nd Class Helen Niravelli. November 1944.

Photo size: 3000 × 2391
Photo source: Naval History and Heritage Command
Usage: Public Domain

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