Julia Anna Muraresku of Navy Nurse Corps

Julia Anna Muraresku of Navy Nurse Corps

Ensign Julia Anna Muraresku (Bricker) joined the United States Navy Nurse Corps shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Although she, along with her fellow nurses serving before and during the first months of World War II, were allowed to wear the uniform shoulder boards identical to those for officer ranks, the Navy did not formally recognize nurses as commissioned officers until 3 July 1942, when an Act of Congress finally granted nurses the permanent relative rank of commissioned officers. This photograph was likely taken while Ensign Muraresku was stationed in Philadelphia, PA ca. 1942. She later served in Idaho, California, Guam M.I., and New York and achieved the rank of Lieutenant Commander before being honorably discharged due to marriage; nurses were required to be unmarried.

Photo size: 1256 × 1758
Photo source: U.S. Navy
Usage: Public Domain

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