Marine Corps Officer Teaches Map Reading

Marine Corps Officer Teaches Map Reading

Marine Corps Officer, Second Lieutenant Margaret Hannigan, instructs a class in map interpretation to a group in the Non-Commissioned Officers’ School, Specialist Schools Detachment, Marine Corps Women’s Reserve Schools at Camp Lejeune, New River, North Carolina. The course is of particular importance for future assignments in Motor Transport, Quartermaster, and Aerial Photography, at which jobs women Marines are replacing men for combat units. Second Lieutenant Hannigan, recently appointed officer-in-charge of the Non-Commissioned Officers’ School, has been associated with the school as an instructor since she went to New River June 7. She enlisted in the Marine Corps Women’s Reserve on March 4. A graduate of College of St. Catherine’s, St. Paul, she was WPA supervisor in Minnesota prior to enlisting and was active in the Minnesota Federation of Business and Professional Women.

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Photo source: Official USMC Photo
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