Marine Corps Headquarters Bond Rally


Members of the U.S. Marine Corps Women’s Reserve point with pride at the poster showing the amount of sales of war bonds. The quota was set at $25,000 and reached $90,000.

Members of the Women’s Reserve pictured here are: from left to right, Pfc Dona Malin, Los Angeles, Calif., Pfc Gloria Buckely, New York City, N.Y., Pfc Nellie Hester, Raleigh, N.C., Cpl Genevieve Clark, Bergenfield, N.J., Pfc Peggy O’Keefe, Menaham, N.J., Pfc Ruby Thunberg, Olympia, Washington, Pfc Florence Busch, Wichita, Kansas, and Pfc Genevieve Windy, Chicago, Illinois.

Photo size: 2847 x 2294
Photo source: Official USMC photo
Usage: Public Domain