Anne Juchniewicz

Anne JuchniewiczAnne Juchniewicz was born in Jersey City, NJ, in 1921. In September 1943, just three months after the Marine Corps formed the Womens Reserve, she enlisted and entered active duty service. She was assigned to the steno pool in San Francisco, and rose to the rank of Sergeant. She got married in 1950 to a man who had been a Corporal in the Army Air Corps, and the family joke was that she had outranked her husband during the war. They had three children together, and she worked the rest of her career life as an administrative assistant to the president of a Wall St. company.

Unfortunately she died in 1981 at the young age of just 59, but she had always been proud of her military service. Found among her papers following her death were the lyrics to the Womens Reserve anthem:

“Marines – We are the women members of a fighting corps.

Marines – The name is known from burning sands to ice-bound shores.

Marines – We serve that men may fight in air, on land and sea.

Marines – The eagle, globe and anchor carries on to make men free.”

This remembrance provided by her son, Jim Solensky.


Photos of Anne Juchniewicz and fellow service members during WWII:

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